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An "Open House Session" was organized at LIL-Pantnagar plant where Senior Management interacted with employees and discussed
various operations and functions on August 10, 2015. on this event, Internal Kaizen Awards were also distributed to the winners.
In the month of August, a session on "Stress Management and Naturopathy" for all the employees of the LATL, Chakan Plant was
organized. The trainer came from “Vikalp Social And Charitable Trust, Nagpur” and gave the practical demo. He also taught small
useful techniques to reduce mental and physical stress.
All of us who drive and possess a little knowledge about cars know that we need to
clean injectors time to time to avoid blockages because blocked injectors cause
improper supply of fuel and your car starts giving jerks. Then, you visit your service
station to clean it up and pay huge sum for Car servicing. In service stations, Electronic
Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine hence the cost of cleaning goes high and we need to pay
huge sum to get the service done. To avoid this Mr. Himanshu Agarwal (LIL- Gurgaon)
has devised a new machine, a Mechanical Type Fuel Injector that costs only 15,000/-
compared to the Electronic Type costing 4,00,000/- & above. This machine works on low pressure 5-7 psi
compares to Electronic Type which works on 45 psi keeping the system same. This machine provides services to all
type of petrol cars as fuel rail is detachable unlike Electronic Type which has fixed fuel rail. This quality gives
Mechanical Type an extra edge over Electronic Type. Also, the spares parts are very cheap and easily available thus
making it easy to install for small scale Automobile Workshops. This innovation of Mr. Agarwal has been published
for patent in “GOI, Controller General of Patent Design & Trade Marks”, “Department of Mechanical Engineering”.
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